Streams the audio bytes immediately or returns a URL that allows immediate streaming.


Turbo Streaming

For low latency turbo streaming, set voice_engine to PlayHT2.0-turbo and use a PlayHT 2.0 voice.
For more information, see supported voice models.

To ensure fair usage, this streaming endpoint is subject to more strict rate-limits and also limits the text size it may take as input. Input text provided to the streaming endpoint may contain at most 20 sentences. A sentence is defined as a sequence of at least 35 characters separated by a punctuation character (., ? or !). Maximum text length is 2000 characters.

The endpoint responds with a byte audio stream right away:

  • Status: 200 - OK
  • Body: audio bytes

If the accept header is application/json, the endpoint returns data containing an URL that is immediately streamable:

  • Status: 201 - CREATED
  • Body:
      "href": ";1KjbyModJp92iPdBp4;w92633zG2nrMalFlEg?format=audio-mpeg",
      "method": "GET",
      "contentType": "audio/mpeg",
      "rel": "item",
      "description": "URL for fetching the generated audio as a playable stream of bytes"
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